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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  January 7, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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links to a fault line that it's a done deal. the 49ers sign jim harbargh. links to a fault line that m> and morners remember a teenager killed from a senseless shooting. >> gasia is off tonight and i'm frank and this is bay area news at 7:00. the 49ers got their man. after several days of speculatih arbaugh became their new head coach. agreed to a 5-year deal. fred talked to him late today, and he's looking at what happened to get this deal done.
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>>there were several suitors courting him, but sounds like wednesday's 6-hour meeting convinced both parties that this was the right move at $5 million a year. now jim becames the 18th head coach in san francisco 49er's history. >> this is a great day for me and because of the competitive opportunity of a lifetime and one that i willingly accept. i'm going to move on with a humble heart, but hard to hide my excitement and enthusiasm through my vains right now. >> do you agree that 49ers are a head coach and quarterback away from super bowl team? >> we're going to have to work on that. it starts with our own team tale quarterbacks on our football team, and getting to know them
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and whether it's by the phone or in person, and there's also the draft and there's free agency and there's oftens, and but -- avenues, but we want to recruit the guys on our team first. >> you say he has the it factor, what is it? >> i don't know if you can explain it. you just have it. and i think it just in the way he carries himselves, the can fs he has, but yet a lot of humility and a lot of energy, a lot of passion, he loves the game, he respects the game which i think is extremely important. if you're going to be successful in this business, the game has to mean a lot to you. >> the 49ers faithful will give the front office a short honey moon. fans expect them to end the post game drought sooner than later. jim's brother john is the current head coach for baltimore ravens, and yes
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the 49ers and ravens do play each other next season. >> that should be an interesting one. thank you. stanford fans are es to their departing coach. >> wow. that's a loss for us, but i think it's a great opportunity for him. >> fans say they hope that his winning ways will help the 49ers succeed. some expressed disappoint that he's leaving but the university is fortunate because star quarterback andrew luck has decided he will return next season. you can see more of the 49ers press conference and fred's one on one at our website and just look for the top story under the sports tab. several after shocks have followed an quake in the south bay. the magnitude 4.1 quake happened about 3 hours and centered 14 miles north of morgan hill.
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scientists say this quake struck where the this fault meets the hayward fault. >> the past five quakes have been about 104 years apart and now into 142 years, and expecting another big quake on the hayward fault. >> bart shut down the train service, but no damage was found. we have not heard of any reports of damage. a vigil was held to remember a teen shooting of a teenager. jana katsuyama is there right now with our story. >> frank, we're about a half a block away from the crime scene, and about two dozen people came here to remember christopher jones. police say that he was a kid that was trying to do the right thing, now dead,
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and still looking for the shooter. >> we need to stop the violence. >> candle light vigils won't bring christopher jones back to life, but lighting the dark like he lit up their lives for 17 years. >> the light is not on anymore. >> today on fresno street friends and family stood with signs along with drive way where he was gunned down in front of his own house. >> these are the bullet holes right here, bullet holes here. >> christopher was behind her helping him put her sister in the car and was shot and killed on new year's eve. there were two gunman on foot that opened fire across the street using what police are calling military-style weapons and tried to run. >> when i looked down
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my clothes were covered in blood, and he wasn't moving. he never said anything else. >> he died a half hour later at the hospital. >> our victim, you know, he didn't have any criminal record, nothing. he was going to school. based on the evidence thus far,s to be a mistaken identity case. >> there's a $25,000 reward for any information that helps lead to someone's arrest. the family says that christopher was going to start at college in just a few weeks and tonight they're preparing for his funeral on monday. jana katsuyama ktvu channel 2 news. >> a debate over a possible conflict of interest doing with gangs. it focused on the lawyers with 40 gang members. the city argues that the
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attorneys may ha conflict. the defense says they have fire walls to protect confidential information, a decision is expected next month. police in south san francisco are looking for two armed robbery suspects to held up a bank today. a swat teem surrounded at the westborough square shopping center this morning. six employees and two cust err manslaughter were -- customers were inside at the time, and one woman said she was in that exact same bank several months ago when it was robbed by two men. hayward police say that it appears the two men arrested were not responsible for shooting a small dog. the dog named max was killed 4:25 outside the bart station south hayward. bart service was disrupted during the search. the dog's owner said max had rut
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of the house, and whoever shot the dog will face felony charges. richmond police took action to stop people from firing weapons indiscriminately. that is the sound of gun fire captured on new year's eve. it logged 56 instances of people ringing in the new year by firing their weapons into the air. today they went door to door where the shots were recorded to tell people exactly how dangerous that can be. >> what goes up has to come down, and it does sometimes strike a person. it often strikes some piece of property causing damage, and this is a big concern for us. >> the officers did not arrest anyone, but handed out flyers and encouraged people to call police when they hear gun fire.
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a student reported seeing a mountain lion during p.e. class. they were not able to locate the animal. last month a deer car cuss was d on the school's athletic field. power has been restored to thous in alameda after a high voltage line came loose and caught fire. no one was hurt. crews said the 12,000 volt linet enough to burn asphalt gas into asphalt. >> white house economic advisore south bay to encourage asian-americans and pacific islanders to expand their businesses. organizers invited small business owners to the event in mountain view. gary lock told the grew while there are many success stories, more can be done. >> we in the obama
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administration want to make it easier for you to grow, create, and to hire. and that's why we've assembled many of our experts from the administration here to talk about innovation, data and technology, and to offer guidance on job growth and business development. >> lock said the administration is asking those communities to identify ways to get the word out about federal programs for own business owners. carbon monoxide from a leaky pipe is probably what caused these airline people to be sick. fire officials responded to
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similar call on tuesday, but didn't immediately expect cashan monoics skwied. -- carbon monoics skw -- monoxide. this store is set to close on february 8th after 63 years in praugss. the -- operations. the three brothers are retiringc grocery store will move in there to replace it. san francisco is a big step closer to having a new mayor and why it has some city leaders frustrated. >> the gornt reports a big increase in -- government reports a big increase in jobs. is it big enough? the numbers and the problems st. >> the fog is still a big part of our forecast tonight. coming up, the timing of a system that will mix with the fog and when rain chances
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return to the forecast.
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and the problems still ahead. >> the fog is still a big part. >> investigators say a package that caught fire in washington d.c. is probably linked to two smoking parcels sent yesterday. it was addressed to homeland security secretary. the parcel send to maryland hadl of highway signs that ask drivers to report suspicious activities. authorities say they're concerned that more packages will surface. it appears a plan to upgrade thr system will be delayed. the upgrade is expected to cost $1.6 billion. the goal is to replace the statd
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budget and accounting system. a report with upgrated cost and completion date is expected to be relied later. supervisors voted to name ed leh out gavin newsom's term. there is still one more final vote that needs to be taken. >> i. >> there are ten is, one no. >> history was made as the county's board of supervisors voted to make ed lee the city's first chinese-american mayor. >> it has to mean something. . >> lee will serve out the remar of newsom's term. lee's nomination tuesday
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thrilled the city's chinese community, but angried some supervisors. >>there's some buttons being pushed, but you know, it seems as if progressives as i define it, and that's those that want to challenge corporate power, actually are in majority. >> i think and hope that theres significant consensus at lee and based on his experience. >> four progressive supervisors to approve lee by a vote of ten to one. lee was not here for the vote but expected to return from a hong kong trip this weekend. the board will reconvene on tuesday with four new members and one day after gavin newsom is expected to leave office channel 2 news. >> he is still trying to decide who should be the city's next district attorney. city sources tell us the mayor is having a tough time picking from
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a short list of candidates. yesterday he said he wanted to announce his decision by saturday, but our sources tell us the news could come instead on sunday. new attorney general filed witht to prevent drug companies from paying competitors not to make generic copies of their drugs. he is joining with 30 other states asking the supreme court to rule against drug makers that accepted the deal. stanford university researchersy when doctors prescribe antisycotics half the time based on no evidence and
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can cause obesity and heart attack. researchers say doctors do this when patients ask for specific drugs based on benefits in advertising. the unemployment rate has fallee losest level. that's due in part to many people that have stopped looking for work. the economy created 103,000 jobs last month, far less than expected. president barack obama touted more than 1 million jobs creted last year. >> you have a bunch of folks out there looking and struggling. we have a big hole we're digging ourselves out of, and our mission has to be to accelerate hiring and accelerate growth. >>during a tower of a maryland factory, he appealed the
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businesses to take advantage of new tax breaks to hire more workers. the president's sentiment seems to echo here in this area, and the progress they're talking about on wall street is not enough for most long-term job seekers on main street. >> here where the desperate ser a job drags on and on, any glimmer of hiring raises spirits. >> i think the nation is startg to turn around, but at a slow pace. >> i have to keep hopeful. i have to stay hopeful. >> come here to the e.d.d. and what you find out, there's more people looking for applications for unemployment insurance than folks finding jobs. but landing that job is tough. johnson thought health care traf . >>i thought this was a booming industry, which it is, but there's no jobs and it's scary. >> even temp jobs are elusive. >> the agencies that used to cl
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me every day, ringing off the hook, they don't call anymore. >> the federal reserve chairmas , the normal employment levels are four to five years ago. >> considerable time likely wid before unemployment rate returns to a normal level. >> california's unemployment my looking at what might be happening up in sacramento and the upcoming budget cycle. >> and pull of those needing js is sure to grow as more people come and go to the work force. job seekers say it's tough enough. tom v a.k.a. r channel 2 news. >> the dow dropped 22 points but managed to record a 6th straight week of gains and the nasdaq lost 6. computers are taking stage at tw
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in los angeles. motorola is touting their zoom tablet and slightly larger than the ipad and dual cameras. it's supposed to hit the market in march. another big buzz word this career, 4g. vergzon says ten new smart phone advantage of the network, though 4g is still not available in many areas. the san francisco zoo shows offw addition. and will the cold foggy weather stick around through the weekend? a good chance it will. our meteorologist tells us whert the most.
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>> maybe you've seen them, the street polls or bike racks wrapped in knitted yarn. they're something known as yarn bombs or graffiti knitting. ktvu caught up with one artist. she says the idea is to bring a smile to those that see her works. mark is here now with the weathd the weekend is just about here. another cold weekend you think?h that's right.
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especially heading into the satd we need a storm system to mix out the low clouds and fog, and could happen into next week. and i can show you this on live storm tracker 2, and that cloud bank seeping into the bay especially around the delta where temperatures are held in check primarily over the 40s. areas of dense fog for the evening areas overnight, and temperatures on the cold side. for saturday am fog giving away from hazy sunshine. first thing tomorrow morning once again chilly out there, and showing you other rounds for santa rosa, and dense patches of fog and could have an advisory kick in first thing tomorrow morning. high pressure still in place for the weekend, so still skies becoming partly sunny and there's a weather system from the north that could mix out the fog a little
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bit. no rain drops expected but could have early clearly over the weekend. the next potential rain producer is set by next week, and by tuesday and wednesday bring in mid to upper level clouds and possibility of rain showers. we'll see those changes coming up in just a little bit. first thing tomorrow morning showing you the overcast some dense fog out there at 7:00 and some stubborn overcast especially around the delta partly cloudy skies near parts of the shore line. but could have lingering patches of fog antioch, and temperatures in the 40s for afternoon highs. morgan hill around 53 eyes degrees, and -- degrees. and increasing clouds on monday, and showers likely by tuesday and also into wednesday. frank. >> all righty. thank you, mark. the zoo showed off their newest, they he seemed happiest to stay
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underwater. the 8-year-old hippopotamus weighs 3700 pounds and their first hippo in 3 years. he'll get a new name and fund raising auction this spring. that's our report for now. see you again on monday. shift your weight forward onto the left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts
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with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪
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